Corporate Formation Attorney in New York City

Establishing a legal corporation may require guidance from an attorney who brings a breadth of experience in corporation formation to the table. When starting a new business, several types of entities can be established, but each structure comes with a unique set of tax implications, filing requirements, and potential liabilities. At Nasser Law PLLC, our attorney has worked extensively with small business owners, and can assist you to establish the type of corporate entity that best suits your activity.

Offering a Full Scope of Business Establishment Services

  • Business formation: We identify the best state and form of corporation right for your activities
  • Obtain the required Employer Identification Number
  • Assist with any necessary licenses to do business in the state of incorporation
  • Draft professional licensing agreements
  • Assist with crowdfunding and or raising equity
  • Financing transactions including but not limited to S.A.F.E, convertible notes, equity raises, loan and lines of credit
  • Term sheets
  • Draft partnership agreements
  • Stock options
  • Prepare employment agreements
  • Filings for trademarks, copyright, patents
  • Endorsement deals
  • Serve as general counsel and advisor

Corporate Formation in New York, Long Island, and Westchester

At Nasser Law PLLC, our focus is on assisting our clients to build a successful, growing business. We offer legal counsel and guidance to establish a range of business entities:

  • LLC: Start-ups, VC organizations, real estate ventures, subsidiaries, and other businesses may be best served by establishing a limited liability corporation which provides a level of protection against personal liability.
  • Business Corporation: A new corporation founded in the state of New York is required to file a Certificate of Incorporation with the Department of State. Other states may offer a more favorable business environment. At Nasser Law PLLC, we can provide guidance about this critical decision.
  • Not-for-Profit Corporation: Some activities qualify as a non-profit, providing benefits to the public, as they deliver charitable, educational, scientific, religious, or literary services to a community.
  • General Partnership: A partnership can be established when two or more parties agree to go into business for profit. A partnership comes with legal obligations that must be met, such as registration, taxation, licensing, permitting, and other legal issues that must be managed correctly.
  • Limited Partnership: A limited partnership does not offer the owners tax benefits, as all business income is added to the income of each partner’s personal tax return.
  • Sole Proprietorship: Many new businesses start out as a sole proprietorship, and with growth, graduate to the need to establish a corporation to protect against liabilities and gain the tax advantages of a corporate entity, whether in New York or in another state.

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