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The probate and estate administration process in the state of New York is a complex. After a family member passes away, a set of legal matters must be resolved for the estate to be distributed to beneficiaries. At Nasser Law PLLC in New York City, our Harvard law educated attorney offers a breadth of experience in these legal matters and has a background serving at elite law firms. For an exceptional level of legal counsel for probate and estate administration matters and personalized representation, your probate and estate administration issues will be resolved as quickly as possible.

The Probate Process in New York

Estate administration begins with locating the will. It is estimated that about 60 percent of people die “intestate,” or without a will. When this occurs, New York law will determine how the estate is distributed. A will names an executor or personal representative of the estate, and the probate process can be initiated. The named party is responsible for administering the estate, including the assets and liabilities, all of which must be resolved before the estate can be distributed. For high-net-worth estate, this process can be lengthy and very complex.

The Right Attorney Matters

The probate process may involve several complications that can add time to the distribution of an estate. Should any person contest the will, it may add years to the process as the case moves through the court system. An array of legal filings from one or more parties can slow the process, including but not limited to:

  • Creditor claims
  • Will contests
  • Claims of executor breach of fiduciary duty
  • Application for a fiduciary to resign
  • Legal filing to compel production of a will

When you need an attorney to manage the range of legal filings correctly and address all issues that can arise during the process, you can place your trust in the support and attention you will receive when under the care of our attorney at Nasser Law PLLC. We provide personalized legal counsel, and are genuine, authentic, and have relatable real-life experience.

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